First Time for Everything…

I have a new bit of advice for Brides-and-Grooms-to-be. Ditch the tradition. Here’s why…When I got married, I did the same thing my parents did and the same thing their parents did, and so on. We played “Hide the Bride” until I walked down the aisle and I tried to soak up every bit of surprise on my husband’s face in my memory, while the photographer rightly kept her focus on me coming down the aisle and my Dad’s face as he gave me away. Then we squeezed in potrtaits during the half hour between the ceremony and the reception, and no one could have paid me to do it differently. BUT–after spending the weekend with the lovely Devon and Javiera at their wedding, I have seen the light. They brilliantly planned to get the majority of their pictures done before the ceremony, which meant that Devon would HAVE to see his bride long before the ceremony. Rather than spoiling the surprise, though, this lent itself to my favorite series of pictures to date. I set up a “First Look” for the Bride and Groom and stood by to focus only on Devon’s genuine first reaction to his blushing Bride. The result was adorable. So enjoy the samples and remember that the first look is the first look, whether it’s on the aisle or earlier in the day. The difference is whether you have the pictures to remember it by…

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