City Mouse, Country Mouse

When someone books a session, whatever kind it may be, the two things they are always most eager to discuss are “what to wear?” and “where will we shoot?”. And I always answer with another question: “What’s your style?”. To help clients determine their style, I usually give several “which do you prefer?” options. For example, do you prefer the city or the country? Indoors or outdoors? Waterfront or woodsy? I have a location or two in mind for each answer, so whatever we decide your style is, I’ve got just the place. For the matter of clothing, each type of location has a it’s own natural color palate, so wardrobe can be easily coordinated. Here’s a sample of a city location vs. a country location. Notice the variety of colors and textures that you will encounter at each one. Both are among my favorites to shoot at, but different spots suit different clients. So choose your style and schedule your custom session today!



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