Getting Ready

While my entire 12 hour day second shooting at this Olympia wedding produced some beautiful images, I have to say that at each wedding some of my favorite images come from the bride getting ready for her big day. A few bits of bridal preparation can be helpful in getting these results:

1. Lighting: While it was a cloudy, drizzly day in Olympia, the window light in this well-lit and spacious hotel room was impeccable. If possible, consider the lighting of the room in which you and your girls will be getting ready.

2. Clean up: Notice that there are no piles of luggage, piles of clothes, messy beds, or half-eaten food in the background. They were all nearby, but strategically placed outside of the camera’s sight. Girls getting ready for a wedding can easily look like a Macy’s explosion but by reserving a clean area of the room as a getting ready photo spot, your images will stay clean and classy.

3. Save the best for last: Many helpful mothers and bridesmaids are inclined to give all their attention to getting the bride ready first, but this leaves them in sweats and  makeup-less in the pictures of the bride’s preparations. If everyone else gets ready first (saving the best for last…) then as the bride is helped into her gown and puts on her finishing touches, everyone will be picture-ready. 

Enjoy these images below and notice how following these tips led to some phenomenal getting ready pictures!

rosedressmark roseGRmark

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