Preparing For Your Shoot



For All Shoots

My desire is to capture what makes you you. If there is a location near and dear to your heart, we will hold our session at that location. You can also best decide what style of clothing, hair and makeup will represent you and your family. However, there are a few artistic guidelines that will make your photos the most aesthetically pleasing. For example, well-fitting clothing with solid colors are best. Avoid busy patterns and large logos or graphic designs on clothing, since they can be very distracting. Hair that hides or covers your face will make it difficult to capture the expressions that characterize you. If you are unsure what to wear, bring a variety of outfits and I will be happy to make recommendations and accommodate wardrobe changes during the session.

I will always provide whatever props, backdrops, etc. that I feel will best represent you and your family. However if there is something sentimental that you would like to include in your session (homemade blanket for baby, favorite teddy bear for child…) I will be honored to incorporate it into your photos.


Make sure to bring lots of diapers, and an extra blanket for between shooting. Since I love to capture a natural (i.e. naked) baby, we often get wet, as do the blankets, diapers, and props. So pack your bag accordingly. I always reserve at least 3 hours for a newborn shoot, so make sure to bring enough milk to keep baby full and happy for that length of time.


Children are usually photo ready regardless of what they’re wearing. If multiple children will be shot together, the photos will look best if the children are in coordinating colors. Not necessarily matching colors, but colors that compliment one another. Allow the style of clothing to be comfortable and representative of the child. It is difficult to capture the giggles and silly looks that you love about your child when they are uncomfortable. I allow 2 hours for children and family shoots, so pack any snacks your child may need during that time.

Couples and Families

Groups look best when colors compliment one another. Various members will shine from one shot to the next, but no one should stick out “like a sore thumb”.

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