First Dance: Take Two

Before my husband and I had our son 3 years ago we were married for 5 years and never once thought about getting professional photos done together, but oh how I wish we had! The time goes so fast and after just a couple years of marriage our wedding pictures seemed like long-ago versions of ourselves. So I’m loving this couple that I shot for recently who took the time to get it done after almost 9 years. They are so thrilled with the outcome, they’ve vowed to never wait so long again!

Although they no longer feel properly represented as a couple with just wedding day photos, it seems like just yesterday that they were saying “I do” and dancing to “Unforgettable” in front of all their friends and family. So why not relish some of those memories during a photo shoot 9 years later? After asking about their best/worst wedding moments and photos, I asked Matt and Marla to re-do their first dance. We tweaked the original this time with some peaceful intimacy for him and a fun dip for her, and now they’ve got beautiful images of themselves still making new memories all these years later…

(See more of their fun moments in this GORGEOUS setting under the Couples/Families tab.)



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