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Hanging Out

So when Kelly first asked me to do a shoot of her & her husband, Joe for their 7th wedding anniversary, she specifically requested pictures that were “not lame”. After further probing, I learned that what she was really looking for was a shoot that showed their true selves, not cheesy poses and lacquered on smiles for “family portraits”. They are a cool, laid back couple who just love hanging out together. So we picked a familiar, laid back location and I got to snap away while they did what they love–hang out. The lesson: Even on a photo shoot, Mama’s words still ring true. “Be Yourself!” Joe & Kelly did and the result was so genuine and incredible. Thanks guys!

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Paternity Pics: The Story of an Expectant Father

I’m a terrible blogger and I hate to spend time on the computer when it’s a sunny day and there are pictures to be taken outside! However, I’ve been so excited to share the cutest pictures I got recently from a very sweet, fun couple expecting their first baby…

Now, everyone knows that pregnant women are among the most beautiful things on the planet. And maternity pictures capture such a unique period in a person’s life that they are among my favorite to shoot. But in all the glow and serenity that surrounds an expecting mother, there is often a very proud papa beaming nearby. Such is the case with Brandon and Sally. While I eagerly prepared for their shoot, Brandon was busy telling friends and family that he was getting “paternity pictures” done soon! It got me thinking of how I could embrace his enthusiasm…I wanted to feature an expecting couple and a radiant woman, but also a fun, doting Dad-to-be who can’t wait to meet his baby girl. So here it is…my first ever. Paternity Pics. (You can see more from this shoot, including Sally’s gorgeous pics in the “Family and Group” gallery tab.)

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A Change of Scenery

Senior graduation is only a couple weeks away but it’s not too late for pictures! I worked with gorgeous Sarai last weekend and I am LOVING her pics.
She picked out a super glam gown and chose a super glam water location for her shoot. But as I got to chatting with her more, I learned that she is a very laid back girl who loves horses and a down-home atmosphere. Since my photography is all about tailor made photos that fit each person’s personality, I just had to get her out of that ball gown and down to the farm. One wardrobe change later we ended up with two insanely beautiful looks from one well-rounded girl. Thanks for the change of scenery, Sarai!

Sarai Sarai_horse

Something’s Brewing at Starbucks…

We’re 1/2 way through my gallery month at Starbucks, so if you haven’t seen it yet, hurry on down to the Mickleberry Rd Starbucks location in Silverdale! Starbucks has a very cool hanging system for local artists to display and advertise their galleries of work, so I’ve taken them up on their offer and have some samples of my signature style available for viewing. Come check it out! 🙂


Up Close and Personal

Since I so pride myself in telling people’s stories with my pictures of them, I love gathering photo ideas from the families themselves. For my recent senior portrait session, the graduate’s mom had a vision of an extreme close-up that highlighted her daughter’s piercing eyes. While I always aim to shoot a variety of angles and compositions, her request gave me extra incentive to get the most beautiful, intriguing shot of this lovely face possible. I am so happy with the result! Thanks for the challenge, Mama!

First Time for Everything…

I have a new bit of advice for Brides-and-Grooms-to-be. Ditch the tradition. Here’s why…When I got married, I did the same thing my parents did and the same thing their parents did, and so on. We played “Hide the Bride” until I walked down the aisle and I tried to soak up every bit of surprise on my husband’s face in my memory, while the photographer rightly kept her focus on me coming down the aisle and my Dad’s face as he gave me away. Then we squeezed in potrtaits during the half hour between the ceremony and the reception, and no one could have paid me to do it differently. BUT–after spending the weekend with the lovely Devon and Javiera at their wedding, I have seen the light. They brilliantly planned to get the majority of their pictures done before the ceremony, which meant that Devon would HAVE to see his bride long before the ceremony. Rather than spoiling the surprise, though, this lent itself to my favorite series of pictures to date. I set up a “First Look” for the Bride and Groom and stood by to focus only on Devon’s genuine first reaction to his blushing Bride. The result was adorable. So enjoy the samples and remember that the first look is the first look, whether it’s on the aisle or earlier in the day. The difference is whether you have the pictures to remember it by…

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Downtown Dreams

Senior portrait sessions are in full swing! The newly upscaled area of Downtown Bremerton provided an amazing urban setting with an even more amazing (but not so urban) sunset. The classic brick and concrete buildings let just enough golden sunshine through and the possibilities seemed endless for picture perfect spots. With beautiful lighting and a beautiful girl, I had so much fun behind the camera on this one! Thanks Kaylin 🙂

Pax Rules his Baby Drool

After working in pediatrics, I can say with certainty that there is nothing in the whole world I love more than a six-month old baby. The smiles, the babble, the rolls, even the drool. There’s nothing better. So my thanks goes out to Baby Pax this week for a perfect six-month old shoot. The weather turned on us at the last minute and our plans for a sunny shoot at the park were nearly dashed. But we headed for cover, kept shooting, and ended the day with the sweetest memories.

Senior Rewind

Adorable Kirsten let me take her full circle last weekend for her senior portraits. As she nears her final days of school, what better place to shoot than the elementary playground where she spent the very first days and years of her education? Now she’s all grown up and I couldn’t get enough of her beautiful blue eyes sparkling through my lens. I snapped away as she took me on a tour of her old stomping ground and got some great pictures that showcase Kirsten’s classic, light-hearted charm. Thank you Kirty!


A “Long” Day at the Beach

I had so much fun with the beautiful Long family last weekend! From the start, Natalie (Mom) had a vision of the partial black and white photo here with the kids holding a frame, which turned out so cute! The beach down the street from their house made a great spot for their pictures. I love to shoot families on location in a setting they’re familiar with–Big Brother Logan showed me all their secret trails to the beach and little Addison knew the funnest spots to play. So while they were busy showing me around I did what I love and got great pictures of them in their element. Thanks to the Longs for their cooperation and smiles!