Details, Details

After many many months of agonizing over colors, flowers, table settings, invitations, dresses, suits, and centerpieces, your big day is finally here! So how disappointed would you be if you put all that exhaustive energy into choosing all those things with nothing to show for it? This is why I always set aside time for taking pictures of all the little details that make your wedding unique.

I chose my recent “Robots and Algae”-themed wedding with Tom and Elyse to use as an example because they put SO much thought and creativity into their details–more than any I might have seen. From their master-gardener designed bouquets, to her non-traditional engagement ring, to her one-of-a-kind gown embellishments, to their wind up robot favors at the reception. It all made their wedding uniquely “Tom and Elyse”. So enjoy all their thoughtful planning with some of my favorite detail shots from their wedding…








Congratulations, Tom and Elyse!

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