Paternity Pics: The Story of an Expectant Father

I’m a terrible blogger and I hate to spend time on the computer when it’s a sunny day and there are pictures to be taken outside! However, I’ve been so excited to share the cutest pictures I got recently from a very sweet, fun couple expecting their first baby…

Now, everyone knows that pregnant women are among the most beautiful things on the planet. And maternity pictures capture such a unique period in a person’s life that they are among my favorite to shoot. But in all the glow and serenity that surrounds an expecting mother, there is often a very proud papa beaming nearby. Such is the case with Brandon and Sally. While I eagerly prepared for their shoot, Brandon was busy telling friends and family that he was getting “paternity pictures” done soon! It got me thinking of how I could embrace his enthusiasm…I wanted to feature an expecting couple and a radiant woman, but also a fun, doting Dad-to-be who can’t wait to meet his baby girl. So here it is…my first ever. Paternity Pics. (You can see more from this shoot, including Sally’s gorgeous pics in the “Family and Group” gallery tab.)

IMG_1771mark IMG_1749mark IMG_1746mark IMG_1736mark IMG_1645markIMG_1624mark


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